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But baby, you’ll freeze out there.

America’s being hit with the coldest temperatures she’s seen in a while. The usually cool weather in Charlotte dropped to a mere 9° this morning (windchill making it feel like -1°). I haven’t been this cold since going to school in New England six years ago. My blood has turned Southern and my need to keep warm is in overdrive which leads me to the period of time where I shopped non-stop, specifically for winter wear despite being in North Carolina. Regrets hit instantly since it never got cold to wear any of this stuff. I can now proudly say, “I’VE GOT THIS COVERED.”

PRESENTING: Connie’s current attire against shivery.


1. Columbia’s Category Five 3-1 Parka

You can’t feel a gosh-darn thing in there. While it’s no longer available on Columbia.com, I got it as a slickdeal for $72 (original price: $290). Fantastic impulse buy, even if it’s one size too big. It helped me survive SantaCon in snowy New York City so who cares.

2. Infinity Scarf

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.55.44 PMscarf

I love scarves. It’s my favorite accessory, no matter what the season is but in the winter, the circle scarf is the most amazing invention. Ever. I have this on 75% of the time: easy to wear, easy to keep warm!

3. Wool socks.

There’s nothing else I can say. Hint: Best place to buy them is Costco! Heck yeah.

4. And my most current impulse buy… Zara’s Combination Parka with Faux Leather Sleeves.

Do I need this lush winter jacket when it hardly  gets below 30°? No. Was I peer pressured by the envious girls? Yes. I bought a parka the day I flew to NYC. During our trip, we had a talk about them on the 7; at that moment, in comes this girl with the most stylish parka we’ve seen all weekend. My friend’s eyes lit up. The hunt was on! At Zara’s flagship location, I noticed that 1 in 3 girls who passed by and felt compelled to try it on. Yes. It’s that perfect in person. One by one, we each tried it on as well. The fur inside is so warm that it instantly heats you up. If it gets too much, the jacket is double-zippered so layers can be detached.

The debate: “This jacket is so popular. If we don’t get it, it’ll be sold out. But it never gets that cold in NC. Omg. Look at the other girls trying it on. Oh wait. It’s $200. NO! ANOTHER GIRL HAS IT ON.” And with that, all three of us bought the same jacket.




Kinda sorta basically obsessed.

WHO IS THIS GUY? Have I discovered the voice of an actual angel here on Earth? His hair is sure out of this world. If you haven’t been into music like I haven’t been, you need to get back in the scene and listen to this man sing. Good ‘ole boy is from Britain and houses an emotional battlecry voice at only 21 years old. His solid vocals accompany his intense lyrical talents.

Check him out as he sings an acoustic version of a single he lended his vocals for:

Could I lock in your love?

I’ll be seeing you, Sam, in Cambridge. XOXO

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To another New Year resolution unfinished.


Celebratory champagne toast at Bubble Lounge.

Toast to 2013. It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything (although my draft box tells a different story of writer’s block). From looking at my 2013 New Year post, I’ve lived through my experiences rather than thoughts so that accounts for something. Right? I’ve been accomplishing an important resolution: Whatever life throws at you, be positive, be happy. I didn’t think this one single statement could be so difficult but my internal character seems to throw herself into things a bit too much. At times, people forget the importance of failure, heartache and embarrassment. Stages that everyone’s gone through, and only stages that they are.

I’m now single. I’m still employed. I have a cute dog!

Life is grand.

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One year since.

Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this blog and to be honest, I’m a little disappointed in myself. January 2012, I thought “At last! I will pull forward my ambition to be a better writer and to progress my social media knowledge.” But abruptly, I focused too much on the content and went for documentation of my travels rather than what this blog was mainly for: all things me. So with a drum roll, I present to you: my New Year Resolutions.

  • Be awesome. Ha, that’s a given. That comes all along with being me.
  • Write more; my ambition for perfect use of language still lives.
  • Do more photography. (God, Connie! D5000 is collecting dust. Been 3 years since you’ve had that thing!)
  • Take better care of your skin (I want to not wear foundation anymore; that’s my goal.)
  • Whatever life throws at you.. be positive, be happy.
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Can you feel the love tonight?

Aug. 17-19 – I am queen of publicizing photos after a month, two months or even a year. Heck. These are even all the photos I took but I’m a lazy son of a gun… more photos will be added. I promise.

Anyways… during this very weekend getaway, I was blessed. I was apart of one of my best friends’ engagements and she didn’t even know it. Our friend, Julie, wanted a “famree” getaway before school started for some and we’d be too busy after the summer ended but instead, this trip was turned into a surprise engagement due to George and Lisa’s careful planning. We scoured places for the future bride to be asked while still maintaining a level of secrecy and contentment. Those two things are so hard for our group, ha.

On a foggy Saturday morning under a magnificent waterfall in the Smokey Mountains, Miss Julie Chen became the future Mrs.George Soung. It’s now three months later and more than excited as Julie plans her summer wedding. Besides being blessed to be apart of the engagement, I am even more blessed to be a bridesmaid at her wedding :)

Oh, and as for our cabin?

Well, that is definitely a video for Facebook friends only….


And then, there were none.

Oh, my dear blog has a cricket noise attached to it. Finding the time to settle down and write has been hard. What’s even harder is editing photos on my dying MacBook Pro (Really though. I haven’t taken care of it in the last 3-4 years is slowly dying.. “Service Battery” pops up from time to time.)

This is what commuter corporate life is, huh? Waking up at the crack of dawn to get ready, then sit in 40- to an hour traffic surge, downing at least one cup of coffee (I’m been trying to minimize) to get through the day then try to leave 15 minutes before to get a better chance at the wheel of 5-o-clock-traffic. I get home and all I want to do is just lay on my carpet floor and eat oreos… that thought is replaced by a gym routine instead.

I really do enjoy my job though. I love working better than school; it’s only been three months, I’m the youngest one in my department and people come to me asking me a billion questions because I’m computer/solution savvy. Score for the youngster! It might change, however… I know the “omg, adult life suckz. i want to go back to schooooool” thought will inject itself randomly.

Okay, the point of this mindless jabber is that I, Connie Ang, will put in effort to continue for others to creep into my life through my WordPress updates whilst keeping this blog as a venting solution and timeline of important events.

Next up: the Tennessee vacation.. which was two months ago.

Spoiler alert: I’m going to New York City this weekend.

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“You know your birthday’s going in my blog, right?”

I write this in complete creeper mode… since the birthday boy is literally three feet away from me.

In summary, this past weekend’s been a good one. His cousins came down from the DMV and the troops gathered at Thai Bangkok (A GIVEN!) Saturday night. The whole table kept me rollin’ in giggles with the different side conversations everyone had going on and the “That’s what she said” jokes. When everyone was done their meal, I made Lisa “come to the bathroom with me” so she could light up the custom cake I ordered for him.. [Shoutout to Maxie B's Bakery off Battleground for creating the San Francisco 49ers cake for him! The signature fresh strawberry buttercream was delicious!] and we acted like clumsy, giddy ninjas trying to surprise Danny. I really can’t hold in any laughter; especially during surprises. First, the cake was awkwardly heavy. The dining table was awkwardly positioned. And well, I’m awkward but I’m glad it surprised him. A simple smile from this kid seriously means everything since he is a man of few words.

After, everyone came back to his house as the ladies got ready for the night on the town. Greensboro is definitely different from Charlotte. More of a low-key feel but we knew it would be a good night regardless since it was all close people. OH INFERNO, how you amuse me every time I’m up here. Dead crowd, cheap drinks, amazing peeps = good time.

So with that.. happy birthday, Vannasack. I still remember sitting at Lisa’s apartment playing Taboo and being like, “Ohhhh, this boy is cute!” when we first met at her birthday more than a year ago. Now look at us. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, we made it through this quintessential crazy storyline. But photoshop still can’t hide your red Asian glow… XOXO.